Coroner Services

A skilled and reliable licensed transfer service must be able to handle any incoming calls – from a single home death, to a sudden homicide, to a horrific highway accident in which multiple lives are lost.   Such incidents often result in Police and Coroner investigations which, in turn, require specialized removal services at the scene and in transport to medical or forensic facilities.  Lesperance Removals & Services (LRS) has always been, and continues to be ready, knowledgeable, and well equipped to react swiftly, professionally, and accurately to those service requests.

LRS has been providing the Police Departments and Coroners’ Offices of Windsor and Essex Counties a prompt, professional, and specialized Service for more than two decades.  Our staff is well trained to handle all detailed information and procedures required by the Coroner’s office.  While our primary service is to secure and transfer remains from scene to hospital or forensic facility, we also fully understand that proper identification and documentation practices are mandatory.  We always, therefore, ensure that continuity is preserved in all cases.

Since 1991, we have been called upon to handle major fatality accidents, plane crashes, homicides, suicides, drowning incidents, and unnoticed remains.   After more than 6,000 cases in which LRS has assisted the Police Services and the Coroner’s Offices in Ontario, it is in their own words that we feel the most gratitude and take the most pride:

“Since the inception of our relationship between Lesperance Removals & Services…our opinion has always been one of extreme pleasure and confidence in their abilities.  All of the employees I have had the opportunity to deal with at the various scenes, where death was involved, have been handled with tact, care and compassion for the victim and the family.  I have received numerous letters from my Forensic Specialists commenting on the assistance rendered by Lesperance personnel.

In closing, I would like to say…I would highly recommend their agency, should this type of service be required.”

Alan Brown – Staff Sergeant
Officer in Charge
Forensic Identification Branch
Windsor Police Service