Attention: Funeral Home management and directors. It is my pleaser to announce that Lesperance Removals And Service is no longer just a removal service. In December of 2017 Lesperance Removals And Services became licensed as a transfer service Class 2. We are a service that only deals with the funeral homes in the Province of Ontario and the State of Michigan. It has been our pleasure to serve the funeral homes for the past 27 years and look forward to adding new idea's and new services in 2018. Lesperance Removals And Services embarked on starting up a Boat Charter Service called Perpetual Waters. It is the only charter service dedicated to serving the funeral industry. Taking the families you serve out on the great lakes to scatter their loved one ashes upon the water. New exciting ideas on the horizon. Check back in the months to come to see more news on this blog. Thank You. Mark Lesperance President.